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When it comes to cryptocurrencies, it’s quite common for different providers to trade a currency (e.g. Bitcoin) at different prices. While Vendor A might sell one bitcoin for €4,900, Vendor B could buy it for €5,000. Identifying these price fluctuations in a timely manner enables you to achieve fast, secure profits. This is what caltextradingplatform does on your behalf.

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caltextradingplatform ANALYSES

caltextradingplatform monitors and analyses more than 100 cryptocurrency vendors round the clock. Each of these providers lets you buy and sell virtual currency. caltextradingplatform compares the price of a cryptocurrency across all providers and recognises instantly when a price difference arises.

caltextradingplatform FORECASTS

Many price fluctuations level out again after a few seconds and therefore cannot be anticipated by conventional systems in a way that enables them to be exploited for profit. In contrast, caltextradingplatform’ patented PCCTA (Predictive Crypto Currency Trading Algorithm) uses state-of-the-art technology to predict which price fluctuations will persist long enough for profitable transactions to be completed.

caltextradingplatform LEVERAGES CAPITAL

Since these price differences average out at just 0.15%, you need to invest a lot of money to achieve actual profits. This is why we leverage your capital. If you make an investment of €1,000 with a leverage of 1:25, caltextradingplatform will invest €25,000. This means that at 0.15% return, you can achieve a profit of €37.50 instead of €1.50.

caltextradingplatform BUYS AND SELLS

Once a price fluctuation has been identified and its longevity verified, caltextradingplatform buys the affected currency cheaply in order to resell it at a higher price. This fully automated buying process takes 30 to 60 minutes. It’s only after this time that caltextradingplatform can sell the purchased cryptocurrency to Vendor B at a more expensive rate. During this period, however, the price of Vendor B can change.

caltextradingplatform LOANS

In order to speed up transactions, caltextradingplatform temporarily loans you the amount of cryptocurrency currently being purchased from Vendor A with your capital. This loaned capital can now be sold to Vendor B. This means that even while your own capital is tied up in the purchase transaction with Vendor A, caltextradingplatform is able to sell to Vendor B instantly. This is made possible by the fact that caltextradingplatform owns millions of euros’ worth of stocks of all standard cryptocurrencies to ensure fast trading.

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We know the price of victories and the bitterness of defeats, so we carefully select investment assets.

How It Works

Below are the three steps you take towards getting the best out of our platform.

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This is the very first step you take towards earning on our platform.

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After creating an investment plan, you make payments, so we can trade for you.

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When your trade is due, you make a withdrawal.